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近衞秀麿と新交響楽団 第1回定期演奏会
Hidemaro Konoye and the New Symphony Orchestra (1st Subscription Concert) (1927, Tokyo)

The Konoye Foundation of Music is dedicated to preserving and managing the archival materials left behind by Japan’s pioneering conductor Hidemaro Konoye (1898-1973). The vast collection includes manuscripts, performance and teaching materials, works, letters, photos and memorabilia. Efforts to scan and catalogue these materials are presently underway.  

The foundation also aims to pass on to the future generation the works of composer  Hidetake Konoye (1931-2003), Hidemaro’s son, who was dedicated to popularizing classical music to the Japanese people.

The foundation serves as a contact for those interested in the works of Hidemaro and Chinnen Hidetake. At the same time we aim to recover their lost works or scores that have never been returned. In particular, a fire partially destroyed some of Hidemaro’s scores soon after his death. We are seeking contacts from anyone possessing copies of his works. 


Japan-born pianist Michi Hirata North will perform Hidemaro Konoye's orchestration of Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1 in Seattle, Washington on November 10th. 

Click here for details.

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